Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing may seem like a difficult decision to take but these tips help you make up your mind.
Advertising is an element of business that you can never underestimate. The smart businessman sets aside a separate marketing budget alone.

Thus, you can think things through and make a choice of online advertising vs traditional advertising. All you need to do is know the pros and cons of both and see how they apply to your business. Take a look at the benefits of Digital Marketing vs custom marketing strategies and you will have a good indication of which marketing strategy you want the most.

What is traditional marketing?

A simple way to define traditional advertising is that the term is usually reserved for advertising outside of online advertising.

This includes:

  • Television.
  • Newspaper.
  • Radio.
  • Flyers and billboards by the roads and highways.
  • Ads in related magazines.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any form of advertising that uses the internet.

Digital marketing includes platforms like:

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Business networking sites like LinkedIn.
  • Promotional ads via emails.
  • Paid online advertisements.
  • Blogs

BENEFITS OF DIGITAL MARKETING over traditional marketing

You can target local audiences, but also international ones. Additionally, you can create a campaign based on audience sizes, such as gender, location, age, and interests. This means your network will be more efficient.

1. Digital Marketing is cost-effective

Newspaper headlines, television commercials, are costly. Online advertising on the other hand is something even young businesses can afford right out of some saved-up money. Though some invest in paid ads online; however, the cost is still cheaper compared to traditional marketing.

2. Real-time results

With traditional marketing, you have to wait a week, sometimes even months before the launch begins. But in digital marketing, you can see the number of visitors to your site and their subscribers increases, peak trading times, conversion rates, and much more than a single click.

3. Brand Development

A well-maintained website that sets out the requirements and adds value to your audience can provide valuable value and lead generation opportunities. You can have a whole website instead of a column on a newspaper page.

4. Higher exposure

Now, you can’t say that television ads or an advertisement in every newspaper in town going to cover the majority of the public. Any method of traditional marketing is limited to one area. Whereas online advertisement reaches out to the entire world so you are missing out on nothing.

5. Interaction with the audience

Interaction with your audience is made possible through the use of social media networks. In fact, interaction is encouraged. Traditional marketing strategies do not allow audience engagement. You can encourage your prospects, customers and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them, buy and provide a visible response to your market.

6. Easy analytics

With online marketing, you instantly know what works for you and what doesn’t with Google Analytics. You can measure the inbound traffic, bounce rate, change rate, profit, and general behavior of interested audiences, all in real-time. This helps people using online marketing stay a big step ahead of people relying on traditional marketing.

Benefits of traditional Marketing

1. Easy reach towards the local market

You can easily reach your local audience. For example, a radio station can play in one place: your city or region. When mailbox flyers will go to homes in a designated area.

2. Long term storage

The best thing about traditional marketing is that it’s all material is safe. The audience can have a hard copy of materials of which they can read or browse through over and over again.

With virtual online marketing data, all you can have are screenshots that you can lose again.

3. Easy to understand

This is easy to understand. This can be easily understood by most people because they are already undergoing such a strategy.


More and more companies are turning to digital marketing to meet their advertising needs, but traditional marketing still has its time and place. Instead of choosing one form of marketing instead of another as a binary, successful marketers combine digital and traditional methods to enhance their results.

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