It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your online store for a while or are just starting your e-commerce adventure — you won’t be successful unless you can attract customers to your e-commerce.

Attracting new customers can seem a little difficult, especially right after starting a business in a world of increasing competition, but don’t let that scare you. Here are few effective ways that can help you win new customers online!

Grow your business online

1. Attractive website

First thing you need to do is to create beautiful, attractive and easy to navigate website. The design of an online store is crucial. You should be aware that a user’s purchase decision is usually made right after few seconds on your site – so it’s the first impression that counts. If customers don’t like it, they won’t buy anything and never come back.

When searching for keywords related to your business, new customers will find your site. There, they will be able to read a summary of your business, see photos and descriptions of your products and services, as well as find all the information necessary to contact you.

2. Create social media business account

Social media is one of the channels that allows free promotion.
Having social media helps increase brand awareness, as nearly half of the world’s population has social media accounts. It also allows you to interact with your customers and shows that there is a person behind your brand.

The key to social media success is amazing content. Your content has to be interesting and outstanding for people. So, that they want to follow you. If you manage to do this, you will have a great marketing channel without financial costs.

What you should to do to attract customers on social media?

· Post regularly: post at least once a day. So, the customer can’t forget you.

· Provide free offers and discount: Use your social media accounts to offer free samples of your product or provide social media followers a discount coupon. So, they share your post or page with other people.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Have you built a website for your brand but aren’t getting clicks? This means that you need search engine optimization or SEO, which consists of several techniques and strategies aim to improving your position on the search engines.

With a website with quality title, keywords and links, unique content without grammatical errors, search engines will recognize your website as “best” in a sea of ​​fake websites.

4. Email- marketing

Email marketing is a very effective way to communicate with customers. Even if people don’t have social media accounts, they have emails. And with email, you can reach more people for no cost.

Some of the most common ideas are:

Send emails about new products, sales and promos

Send emails to customers after purchase with similar or recommended products to encourage people to make another purchase.

Send emails to customers who have been inactive in your website for a while with discount coupons so that they can visit your website again.

5. Marketing campaigns

Before starting your marketing campaign, make sure you know who your customers are and what their interests are, identify keywords related to your business that people are looking for and what social media your target audience uses most often.

6. Be active and attract new customers

Having a website, blog, and social media is worthless if you are offline. Be sure to regularly check all your accounts and especially the places where people can leave reviews and comments. Interact with people, respond to their good and bad reviews, and help anyone who needs help.

Marketing campaigns also provide valuable analytics that you should check on a daily basis. This analytics data shows how successful your marketing campaigns are by showing the number of clicks you receive, the length of time people has on your website, the number of new subscribers, their age and location, and many other statistics.


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