Social networks support a wide range of marketing events, from generating leads to customer loyalty. In particular, thanks to social networks, one marketing event – location-based marketing – has become easier and more effective than ever. Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms offer small businesses a number of opportunities to promote their business in their region. This article will explain how to use these social media platforms to take advantage of location-based marketing for small businesses.

You might think: “But Google is not a platform for social networks!”

Well, sort of. The Google My Business platform is a combination of a list of business directories and a profile on social networks. As with directories, you can include all the necessary contact information about your business, as well as offers and special amenities. Like social networks, you can post messages to your profile that appear on your list. By optimizing Google My Business data for your area, you can improve visibility for nearby search engines. Then, by publishing special offers and events on your list, you can get more correct views on your promotions.

Local Internet Marketing With Facebook

Facebook is a great way to sell your business to potential local customers. While organic reach is shrinking, which complicates the business for customers, there are a few things you can do to use Facebook to reach more customers.

Create a Facebook Business Page

There are many functions of a Facebook business page, but in terms of local online marketing, using a Facebook business page increases the presence of your business locally. If you want to get customers from Facebook, you need a Facebook business page.

Use Location Tags

To use this feature for local internet marketing, you need a Facebook business page in the local business category. The more users see your location in tags, the more popular and active your business will be. In addition, they will also be able to search your business in the search box. Facebook allows you to add a location to posts to tag your company in all of your posts and encourage subscribers to do the same when posting about your company.

Use Facebook Events

When conducting or conducting events for your business, create a Facebook event for it. Events on Facebook offer many benefits and can help with local internet marketing. Facebook offers events for users based on the places they’ve tagged, the pages they like, the apps they use on Facebook, and even the events their friends are connected to. By creating an event with a location tag, you can get your event in front of more relevant and potential visitors.

In addition, you can take advantage of real-time marketing and post photos and videos from the event while it is taking place. By adding a location tag to these posts, users who are looking for something to do in your area can find your event.

Facebook Nearby Places

Facebook Nearby Places offers another channel for local internet marketing. Like Facebook events, this feature finds and offers places for users based on recommendations, checks and likes of their friends. Users can browse all nearby places or filter them by category. To use Facebook Nearby places, you don’t need a Facebook business page, you need customers to mark and verify your business, as well as interact with your content.

Use Facebook Advertising

Have you noticed that when you scroll through your Facebook channel, you see ads that match your region, age, profession and interests? Also, if you look at the feed of someone who is very different from you, do you think the ads in his feed are relevant to you? These advanced targeting options have enabled Facebook and online advertising to take a place in our 2017 Marketing Must Dos. Use Facebook ads for local internet marketing, targeting people in your area or people who can visit or relax in the area.

Local Internet Marketing with Instagram

Tag Your Location

Just like Facebook, you can use Instagram for local business marketing by tagging your posts with your location. For example, a restaurant can post a photo of delicious food and mark their location. Now, if the user sees this dish and wants it, he knows where to find it. You can use this method for various types of products and services that will attract customers.

You used to be able to create your own Instagram locations, but now the only way to add your Instagram location is through Facebook. You don’t need an Instagram business account to do this, but you need a Facebook business page, as Instagram will get your location out of there.

Use your location tag every time you post. This will create a content repository so that if people search or click on your location, all messages containing your geotag will be displayed. This is a great way for people to quickly learn more about your business. Encourage your subscribers and customers to also use your geotag, as all posts containing the geotag will be displayed, not just the ones you publish.

Use Location-Based Hashtags

While location tags associate your company with publications that users like, hashtags help them find these messages in the first place. People use hashtags on Instagram to search for products, services, and businesses, for example, using the #digitalmarketing or #softwarecompany search. Use hashtags for local business marketing by placing location-based hashtags in your posts or creating your own hashtags that include your location.

Add Your Location to Stories

Small businesses use Instagram Stories to show their transparency and increase the effectiveness of their real-time marketing efforts. Small businesses can also use Instagram Stories for local online marketing, as Stories supports location tags. To add a location to your Instagram story, tap the square emoticon in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap the location. Choose from the list of suggested places or enter and select your location.

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