SEO Tips for Web Design Professionals

A website that performs great cannot just be beautifully designed. If there’s no consistent organic traffic, there will be no great performance. A website can reach its highest potential if the SEO strategy is aligned with the web design strategy.

To get the most out of website performance on Google and other search engines, let’s break down exactly what designers need to know about SEO for web design.

1. Create a User-Friendly Website

A website visitor is always happy when he discovers a kinaesthetically appealing website that directly offers them something useful. It could be information, a picture, a video, a promise, or anything that would spark attention.

2. Make It Simple, Clean, and Relevant

There are many good SEO tips out there, but few talks about simplicity and relevance as the keys to great UX. A high-quality user interface is simple and relevant. A simple site doesn’t contain many elements and distractions.

3. Keyword Optimization Skills

Keywords have an important role in SEO. As a web designer, you should know how to properly optimize the meta keywords: the meta tags, the meta title, and the meta description.

4. Importance of Consistent Content

As a web designer, you can encourage your team lead or colleagues to focus on the development of fresh and qualitative content.

5. Create Specific and Relevant URL Links

When you create pages, make sure the URL links are simple, relevant, and specific. Google absolutely loves short URLs, so try to keep them that way.

6. Loading Speed is Key

Page loading speed is a recognized SEO factor that was announced by Google a few years back. Since then, every web designer and web developer should understand the importance of compressing files, the importance of a good hosting plan, and the importance of great UX.

7. Optimize for Mobile

The mobile industry is absolutely huge. There are more Google searches performed on mobile than on desktop platforms. If you look around any busy city, most people can’t live their lives without a phone and an internet connection.

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