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We are a rapidly growing company, we have been digging into customer problems & solving with modern technology for past 12+ years. Globally, we have been able to satisfy the needs of 90+ clients.
DigiCode Studio

Digital Marketing

Making your mark on your customers

With the right strategy, you can harness the power of Social Media to meet your sales goals.

Website Development

Website Designing for your Business

We have a creative team of designers & developers forĀ website design services

Industrial training

Provides you strong learning

To be a Lead Resource Institute for Promoting Excellence in Technical Education System

Why Us

How we do it

Innovative Strategies

UI/UX Specialists

It is essential that you analyze your end user before you can create products that satisfy their needs and ensure your success. Make your project stand out with the help of our UX/UI specialists.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Managed Agile Teams

Over time, we have developed and refined our engagement model for remote agile teams. Not only do you get vetted engineers, you also get a proven, transparent, and successful process.

Full-Stack Approach

Front-End & Back-End Development

With analysis, experience, and best practices, our Front-end & Back-end Developers are visionaries. Using a wide range of languages, our developers can tackle your project with the most optimal tools available.


Why DigiCode?

NearShore Advantage

There are many advantages to having your software team located close to you geographically. Despite our cost advantage, we share the same time zone, work culture, and communication standards, allowing us to maximize productivity.

Fast Ramp Up

Using our team ramp-up strategy and access to highly skilled professionals, DigiCode Studio can build a highly effective custom dedicated team in a matter of days.

Agile Methodology

In this way, continuous, incremental development is possible, allowing for an interactive, highly flexible, nonhierarchical development process. Therefore, your dedicated software development team will be open to constant input. Outsourced development teams become in-house development teams when you are in control of the situation.

Top Notch Talent

A company's value is largely determined by its ability to build an amazing team and product. For a world-class product to be developed, you need a talented team and substantial resources. Your company can build its team and product faster by hiring our team of experts.

Reliability & Flexibility

You can scale your team up or down in a matter of weeks, not months or years, although we hope you'll work with us long-term. Our team has helped companies hire personnel for specific projects, expand team capabilities during "crunch times", and build initial teams. Our goal is to make this process as agile as your business.

About Us

Who we are

Take advantage of our Tech Talent and competence to streamline your digital transformation journey and gain a competitive edge.

A creative studio specializing in digital transformation.

DigiCode Studio was created to empower businesses worldwide with high-end technology solutions to help them grow exponentially. We offer unparalleled services in the areas of Outsourced Product Development, Custom Website Development, Oracle APEX Development, Virtual Resources on Demand, and Digital Marketing. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our talented, tech-savvy team leaves no stone unturned.

Technology isn’t just something we know; we understand how to make the most of it. We orchestrate people, systems, processes & technology to bring advancement to your business.

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